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Message  KOTA le 19/12/2012, 12:45 am


Mugabe, president du Zimbabwe, a envoye 1400 soldats a Goma.
Ils etaient deguises , habilles en uniformes de policiers congolais.
Dans le plus grand secret, Mugabe a agi sans consulter personne dans son pays.
En RDC, idem, le parlement et le gouvernement congolais n'ont pas ete informes.
Joseph Kabila Kanambe seul savait.
Le Congo-brazza et l'Angola vont-ils aussi envoyer des troupes a
Kinshasa ?


Harare __ CABINET and parliament as well as Prime Minister Morgan
Tsvangirai were not consulted by President Robert Mugabe when he
decided to deploy Zimbabwean troops to the Democratic Republic of
Congo (DRC) as part of a Sadc peacekeeping force.

Sadc leaders decided to send 4 000 troops on a peacekeeping mission in
eastern Congo after the regional bloc's Extraordinary Summit of Heads
of State and Government held in Tanzania last weekend.

M23 rebels have sustained an eight-month siege of the eastern DRC and
seized the provincial capital of Goma, before retreating less than two
weeks after taking control of the strategic city end of November.

The rebels have been demanding direct talks with President Joseph Kabila.

They have retreated to Kibati, just 15kms from Goma, allowing the
Congolese army to move back into Goma alongside a neutral force which
Zimbabwe is sending its troops to join.

Zimbabwe immediately agreed to send troops to the war-torn
mineral-rich country after an International Conference on the Great
Lakes Region resolved to send regional peacekeepers.

This would be the second time Zimbabwe has deployed troops to the vast
country following the 1998 mission which helped prevent the overthrow
of the current president's father Laurent Kabila, after rebels had
overrun the Congolese army from Goma right up to the capital Kinshasa.

Then, Mugabe unilaterally deployed the soldiers without consulting
parliament, and to date no information on casualties or the cost of
the deployment to Zimbabwe has ever been released.

Namibia, which helped the Congolese army alongside Zimbabwe and Angola
to drive the rebels out of Kinshasa in 1998, has said it is not
sending troops to the country again despite the Sadc decision.

According to The Namibian newspaper, the country's permanent secretary
in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Veiccoh Nghiwete this week said
Namibia was not sending troops to join the Sadc peacekeeping force,
indicating there were other ways his country could assist without
deploying its soldiers.

Finance minister Tendai Biti yesterday said there was no cabinet or
even parliamentary approval to send troops to the DRC.

"This issue was not discussed in cabinet or parliament," said Biti.

"While it is good for Zimbabwe to help its brothers and sisters in the
DRC as part of a peacekeeping mission, things must be done in terms of
the constitution and the law. In this case, this was not done. We just
read in the newspapers that Zimbabwe is sending troops to the DRC.
Even though it's part of a Sadc resolution, we still need to follow
the constitution and the law and not behave like warmongers."

Biti said Zimbabwe needs to first ensure peace, security and stability
at home before rushing off to do that in other countries.

"We also need transparency in terms of the levels of troop deployments
and funding. We don't want to go back to a situation like the one in
1998 when our army was deployed arbitrarily and without transparency
and accountability," said Biti.

Permanent secretary in the Foreign Affairs ministry Joey Bimha said
Sadc, the DRC government, the United Nations and African Union would
fund the peacekeeping mission. Zimbabwe: DRC Deployment - Mugabe Did Not Consult Cabinet
allAfrica: African news and information for a global audience

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Message  KOTA le 19/12/2012, 12:50 am

6,000 FDLR rebels preparing offensive against Rwanda

IDs recovered from FDLR combatants repulsed by Rwandan forces on November 27

A classified United Nations document says the FDLR militia is amassing troops – with some from Zambia and Congo Brazzaville in preparation for an attack on Rwanda. To complicate the situation, the DRC government is reportedly aware of the FDLR movements.

The document with reference number CLA-MP-94/12-12 dated December 17 was prepared by MONUSCO for internal consumption. It reads in part: “Reliable sources (humanitarian workers) has reported to MONUSCO’s component on 16th Dec 12 about the presence of 4000 FDLR cadres at Kazibake…, Groupement of Bashali Mokoto, Localité Lukweti/Ndurumo.”

The leaked two-page intelligence report says MONUSCO has information that some of the 4,000 militia recruits – which the document called “FDLR cadres” have been brought in from Zambia. These new rebels arrived at their current location on 13th Dec 2012.

In other developments, “a new FDLR commander named BAKOTA based at Kivuye… has been stated to have come from Brazza-Ville,” says the document.

So why is the FDLR militia, which the UN itself has over the years said that its numbers have gone down completely, suddenly getting new recruits and moving freely? This classified report says FDLR are taking advantage of the current situation in eastern DRC to establish operational bases in “the Virunga Park (Kinigi sector) inside Rwanda.”

In addition to these new 4,000 mobilized troops, this UN document says FDLR already has another 2,000 “previously located at Nganga (HQ of the FDLR president and supreme commander), Mumo, Hembe, Nyagisozi, Macumbi…”

MONUSCO helicopters?

What is strange from this document is that MONUSCO troops are located with proximity of the areas where the new FDLR troops are being organized. The document also says “two white painted helicopters” have been seen on several occasions in the past days flying into and out of this new FDLR regroupment locality.

Here is how the report speaks about the helicopters:

“Note: The weather during the day the helicopters were reportedly flying was rainy and cloudy, fact that did not enable UN members deployed at Mpati to view, hear and identify such non-UN helicopters having flown in our area of responsibility.”

“Analysis: The information on both presence of these FDLR cadres and helicopters flights do constitute a certain reality as the flights might have supplied the combatants with logistic support, while we do foresee more movements and activities to occur in the near future in view of expeditions on Rwandan soil, rotations, protection of both dependents and their political wing gathered around the CEN/Comité Exécutif National where their commissioners often rule, protection of the Groupement des Ecoles(senior, cadet and non-commissioned officers academy school) and training sites (kindly refer to my latest update of FDLR-FOCA chart and reorganization).”

As for what MONUSCO plans to do in the face of these new developments, the 19,000 strong force only intend to do patrols.

“Intensification of patrols to Nyange- Kitso- Bibwe stretch to dominate the area while monitoring related FDLR activities,” say the UN peacekeepers.

One of the FDLR rebels captured following the attack

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Message  piélé de dongo le 19/12/2012, 1:08 am

Plus je lis ce type plus j'ai envie de vomir, Mr Kota demandez vous si Kagame ou Museveni consultent leurs parlements pour envoyer M23 au congo, dites vous quelque soit la solution pour aller bouter les Rwandais hors nos frontières, nous les congolais patriotes acccepterons.
Peut être grace à cette presence de troupe zimbabwéens, nous commençons à voir le resultat. Les voleurs de BIAC n'accepterons plus de revenir à voler Goma.
Franchement si kabila ne fait rien oooh p.c.qu'il est Rwandais, maintenant il trouve un piste oooh Mugabe n'a pas consulté son parlement. Avec vos idées tordues vous êtes des complices des morts de nos concitoyens.

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Message  Admin le 19/12/2012, 3:42 am

Je ne verrais pas d'un mauvais œil une aide venue du Zimbabwe, il faut freiner les aventures de Kagame à l'est.

Voir le profil de l'utilisateur

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Message  KOTA le 19/12/2012, 9:56 pm


RDC : Obama met en garde le Rwanda, la Monusco en alerte au Nord-Kivu
Lors d'un appel téléphonique, mardi 18 décembre, le président américain Barack Obama à mis en garde son homologue rwandais Paul Kagamé contre "tout soutien au groupe rebelle M23" qui est "incompatible avec le désir de stabilit&ea...

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Message  Troll le 20/12/2012, 1:14 am


Menace explicite des USA Rolling Eyes Question Ce qui signifie que le Rwanda ne sera..pas stable au cas où Kagame ve se moquer d´Obama Laughing Question

En tout cas, pour la toute première aprè chute de Goma, le président des USA ..serait in the house..Qui a composé ce message d´Obama? Pas le Departement d´État en tout surtout le chargé des Affaires Africaines des USA

Les attaques des Républicains qui s´opposaient á la nomination de S Rice..seraient-elles aussi la source de cette réaction d´Obama?

Nous voulons voir les surtout voyons si Kagame ve retirer son armée qui serait en voie de reprendre Goma.

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Message  Invité le 23/12/2012, 9:20 am

Malawi to send troops to DRC, Congo - Kinshasa
11 December 2012 TIMES

Malawi will contribute at least a military company to the 4,000 member Southern African Development Community (Sadc) peace keeping mission in DR Congo, Vice President Khumbo Kachali announced in Tanzania on Sunday.

A statement from the Vice President's press office said Kachali, who represented President Joyce Banda at the Sadc extra ordinary meeting of the Heads of State held in Dar es Salaam on Saturday, made the disclosure at the end of his visit to that country.

A military company is comprised of at least 100 to 150 soldiers.

"Malawi has always been committed to peace keeping in the region and beyond. The Malawi Defence Force performance has always been excellent in such missions, as such our commitment to peace keeping in the DR Congo is to continue the good work our men and women in uniform have been doing elsewhere," Kachali said.

He said the Sadc extra-ordinary meeting also tackled issues surrounding peace and transition in Madagascar and the scheduled elections in Zimbabwe, where a roadmap on constitutional reforms had been agreed upon.

M23 rebels took over the city of Goma in Eastern DRC last month, but they have since pulled out under a peace deal agreed with DRC President Joseph Kabila, Uganda's Yoweri Museveni and Rwanda's Paul Kagame.

Museveni also attended the Sadc extra ordinary summit in Tanzania.

President Banda is the current Sadc Vice Chairperson.

Malawi's troops are also involved in peacekeeping mission in Ivory Coast.


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Message  Troll le 23/12/2012, 12:57 pm

Sad ..Deux logik qui s´affrontent?

Depuis que Joé Kanambe a designé le Rwanda comme "agresseur" de la RDC..le concept "force neutre" prend une tournure étrange.
En effet, dans la comprehension du gouvernement force neutre va faire mieux que la MONUSCO, car son mandat serait de faire la guerre en priorité contre le M23..ensuite contre les après..contre ceux des milices Mai Mai qui vont refuser de deposer les armes..
Ceci est la première logik: la guerre une fois pour toute, même si Kagame et Museveni s´opposent á l´usage de la force pour desarmer et dissoudre le M23 Evil or Very Mad .
En fait, la SADC va entrer en "guerre" contre le Rwanda et l´Ouganda via le M23.. Quelle est la position des USA..dans cette option?
En tout cas, Zuma n´est pas Mbeki..pour l´Afrique du Sud, la RDC est un grand marché potentiel pour son industrie militaire Like a Star @ heaven Nous ne serons pas surpris de voir Zumas´engager dans un bras de fer contre Obama Twisted Evil


Il ya un fait qui frappe quand on observe l´exploitation des minerais au Kivu: la production est artisanaleIl n´existe pas une exploitation industrielle du Coltan ou de la Casserite like like
Or, si les congolais souhaitent réellement faire cesser l´appetit de Kagame pour les ressources minières du Kivu, la voie la plus juste et solide est avant tout l´industrialisation de l´exploitation des minerais

Si les congolais beneficient d´une intervention militaire de la SADC..qui va garantir la sécurité au Kivu, l´autre face logik est aussi de lancer un appel international où les industries minières peuvent s´installer au en toute transparence, les ressources du Kivu seront partagées entre ceux qui vont financer l´intervention militaire et les congolais..

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