Genocides des uns et des autres

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Genocides des uns et des autres

Message  Imperium le 7/4/2014, 1:03 pm

Pour les fans de kagame leur genocide commence le 07.04.1994. Mais pour les autres c'est en octobre 1990 que s'a commence.
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April 6, 2014, a call to collective consciousness of each individual members of institutions, corporations and governments involved into bringing about new world order under the Host of the Army such as NATO and UN peacekeeping forces and their intelligence AGENTS

This date every year is a special day for Rwanda and the entire Humanity, for remembrance of the loss of two Presidents and the entire suite of officials, thus, opening the political decapitation in Rwanda and Burundi, allowing the genocide to be enflamed in Rwanda and from Rwanda to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Following are few facts to support how April 6 is special:

 While the entire group supporting one world government agenda to reduce the population and take control of world mineral resources wants people to focus on and remember only the death of 800 000 Tutsi, and moderate Hutu killed in the following 100 days after April 6, 1994, the tragedy of Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo is appalling every Human in the world to pose for a moment, think and act accordingly.

Check these facts out:
 Rwandan and Western newspapers and main street media, commonly report that as many as a million Rwandans, mostly Tutsis, were killed in the genocide in Rwanda, and only in 100 hundred days following April 6, 1994. Nonetheless, the 1991 Rwandan census reported that fewer than 650,000 Tutsis lived in Rwanda at that time, and the Rwandan association Ibuka, a Tutsi survivors' group, claims that 300,000 Rwandan Tutsis survived. Had both figures been reliable, it is questionable the justice, the respect of life, to these unnamed victims of genocide clothed in the umbrella of "genocide of Tutsi".

 Moreover, US, UK, UN backed RPF invasion of Rwanda from Uganda began in 1990, killing, stealing, and destroying every life, and homes leaving survivors on run seeking shelter and food since 1990 to April 6, 1994 and thereafter. The run was heard in every corner of the world, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the pursuing US, UK, UN backed RPF army never stopped. Are not these lives killed before and after 100 days equally important to someone as those claimed to be Tutsi? Eventually the answer is yes. How possible the world media focus on only 100 days after April 6 in addition to ignore that the genocide in its specific terms emphasizes of planning, and systematic elimination of a target group in whole or a part? UN mapping report is speakable enough about the genocidal character of the atrocities in Rwanda and in the DRC- Congo that followed the 100 days.

 During the Invasion of Rwanda by US, UK, UN backed RPF, killing did not discriminate men and women, children or old, Hutu and Tutsi born or yet to be, and in order to create RPF zone in the Northern part of Rwanda (Byumba and Volcanic area in Ruhengeri). For Rwandans, theretofore, since genocide references include, planned and systematic extermination of a target group, genocide in Rwanda is not limited to the 100 Days following the killing of President Habyarimana Juvenal, President Ntaryamira Cyprien, and their suite including the entire crew of the plane on April 6. Rwandan Genocide began the day one of the invasion from Uganda.

 For US, UK and UN to get involved there has to have a motive, intent, and a plan. And the end result of invasion leaving the entire country of Rwanda depopulated, the invasion and conquest of the Democratic Republic of Congo support this statement. US, UK and UN backing RPF from Uganda to Rwanda, thereafter to the former Zaire, or the current Democratic Republic of Congo, had a motive and staged plan to take the control of the rich in natural minerals Land of Kivu.
UN mapping report is speakable enough and louder to brag about this systematic extermination that followed in Rwanda and in the Congo.
 The untold toll of refugees massacred in the camps and the yet to be acknowledged extermination of Congolese shooting up to more than 6 millions is a silent witness.

 And now, for UN General assembly to proclaim April 6 as an international Day of Sport for Development and peace, knowing that exclusively this day is the day of memories of two presidents and the political officials intentionally, knowingly, and willfully killed in the plane, and igniting the tragedy in Rwanda and in the Congo, is to add salt in the fresh wound.

 For members of UN and other partner organizations to honor and focus on role that sport plays in the society, on April 6, a day of grieve for many, a memorable day for the entire world since it opened an assault against humanity by firing up war, genocides and crimes against humanity, it is a lack of wisdom, lack of compassion, and lack of respect of life, and it is, indeed, an insult to the Humankind.


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